Bahrain: CCTV cameras made compulsory in shops

The Director-General of Civil Defence said that the shop owners are responsible for periodically managing, maintaining and updating those cameras on its excellent performance.
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An awareness campaign for shop owners on the importance of installing security surveillance cameras has been launched. 

The campaign comes pursuant to the decision of the Minister of Interior on the organizations’ use of security surveillance cameras and the obligation of owners of public shops to install them when issuing or renewing the commercial register (CR).  

There are certain requirements that must be observed when installing the security cameras, which includes the maintenance of the recordings of the cameras for 120 days, and not to make any amendment to them.

It is forbidden to install cameras in bedrooms, physiotherapy rooms, toilets, changing rooms and places reserved for women. It is also prohibited to transfer, store, send or publish any of the recordings by the owners or any other entity, except after the approval of the General Directorate of Civil Defense and with the permission of the Chief of Public Security or his representative or his deputy.

The owners of shops are responsible for the management of these cameras in terms of maintenance and should update periodically in order to ensure their good performance provided that the cameras comply with the technical specifications required.


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