Are CCTV Cameras Compulsory for Cold Stores in Bahrain?

CCTV cameras not compulsory in cold stores.
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The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism rejected a request to oblige cold stores near schools to install CCTV cameras. The request, presented by the Muharraq Municipal Council, indicated that CCTV cameras to be mandatory within the licensing requirements.

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Zayed Al-Zayani, stated that there was no link between security precautions and permitting activity. He noted that CCTV cameras were a burden on the owners of these small businesses.

It is noteworthy that the Director of the Muharraq Governorate Police Directorate has previously directed the foodstuff shops and cold stores near Muharraq schools to install CCTV cameras to monitor the entry and exit of students, in order to preserve the security and safety of students from any infringement that might happen to them outside the schools’ campuses. Last November, Muharraq Municipal Council agreed on a decision obligating foodstuffs shops and cold stores adjacent to schools to install CCTV surveillance cameras before issuing a license.


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