Bahrain celebrates National Days with joy & optimism!

Manama has been beautifully “dressed” for the celebration of Bahrain’s National Days with patriotic ornaments and decorative lights lining the capital’s highways and avenues.

Bahrain on December 16 and 17 celebrates its National Days, in commemoration of the establishment of the Bahraini state as an Arab and Muslim country founded by Ahmed Al Fateh in 1783, the anniversary of its full membership in the United Nations, and the anniversary of His Majesty the King’s Accession to the Throne.

People celebrated with great jubilation the National Days with a sprit of patriotism and fervor that reflected the strong determination to overcome the hardships that the nation had to face and mirrored their resolve to keep moving forward under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

Manama officials set up three huge screens on Al Fateh Highway, opposite the Avenues shopping complex and above the main building of the Municipality. A special area ornamentally decorated with lights was dedicated on King Faisal Corniche to the public to take memorial photos.

In the traditional Suq, shops sold flags, badges, banners, balloons, National Day dresses, buntings and decorations while in malls across the Kingdom offered huge four-day discounts to mark the National Days. Several drivers decorated their vehicles with the red-and-white flag in a special demonstration of patriotism and allegiance to HM the King.

The celebratory mood is as prevalent in the other cities across the Kingdom.

Bahrain Television and Bahrain Radio on Wednesday aired HM the King’s address and congratulations to the nation, an address that boosted optimism and strengthened belief in a brighter future.

The media outlets have also played patriotic songs and broadcast programs in which guests highlighted the Kingdom’s achievements throughout 2020, spoke about dreams and aspirations for 2021 and shared their feelings on what the Independence Days meant to them and to their families and colleagues.

With the splendid weather currently prevailing in the Kingdom, families and individuals have flocked to sea front areas and open-air parks with children carrying Bahrain’s flags within a joyous atmosphere.

In the evening, dazzling fireworks lit up the sky, augmenting sentiments of elation, hope and pride in the nation as it demonstrated, once more, its ability to turn challenges into opportunities.


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