Bahrain: Civil Court Dismisses Trespassing Case Citing Lack of Evidence

The Civil Court dismissed a lawsuit by a Bahraini man claiming that three people had trespassed on his land by parking trucks and building structures on it citing lack of evidence.

The plaintiff had argued that the defendants were tenants of neighbouring properties who had encroached on his land. However, the defendants’ lawyer presented evidence that showed they had rented land adjacent to the plaintiff’s land, including an investment contract signed with the Jaafari Endowments Department.

The court ruled that the owner only needed to prove the fact of usurpation, meaning the lack of a possession document.

Although the court referred the case for investigation to prove the alleged incident, it found the witness testimony to be vague and unclear. The court, therefore, dismissed the witness’s testimony as evidence and concluded that the plaintiff was unable to prove his claim.


The Daily Tribune
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