Bahrain: Clampdown on Traffic Violators; Vehicles Impounded

Drivers caught in flagrant breach of traffic regulations will appear before the court to stand trial. Multiple violators have been caught and their cars have been impounded and are pending trial, said the Traffic Advocate General.

In a statement, he said that expatriate drivers caught in breach of the traffic regulations would face legal action, including deportation from Bahrain.

The Public Prosecution acted fast to clamp down on the traffic offenders amid an alarming rise in driving violations endangering road users’ safety.

It vowed to enforce the law strictly to ensure people’s safety, noting that the judicial measures take aim at correcting behaviour in accordance with the provisions of the law.

A spate of serious traffic violations posted on social media has triggered the crackdown on unruly drivers, including excessive speeding, dangerous overtaking, and encroachment on the emergency lanes which endangered road users’ safety and caused serious damages.


Bahrain News Agency

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