Bahrain: Cloudy weather with a chance of rain

The Meteorological Directorate at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications  forecast a cloudy weather and thundery rain could fall at times.

Wind: mainly Southeasterly, 7 to 12 knots, reaching 15 to 20 knots , with gusts reaching 35 knots at times. The Meteorological Directorate warned of thundery rain, strong gusts and urged caution.

Temperatures: Maximum 28 degrees Celsius and minimum 20 degrees Celsius.

Humidity: Maximum 90% and minimum 35% Sea waves: 1 to 2 feet inshore and from 3 to 5 feet offshore, reaching 8 knots during the gusts.

High tide:  03: 58 pm   and  04:09  am

Low Tide: 10:11 pm    and   09: 51 am  

Sunrise: 06: 05 am  Sunset: 04: 45 pm

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