Bahrain: Compulsory Bank Payment for Domestic Workers

LMRA Bahrain
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Paying wages of domestic workers through banks will become a legal binding soon, assured the CEO of the Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA). He stressed not to deal with institutions or people who provide hourly domestic workers as these are illegal.

He noted that opening a bank account in the name of the domestic workers and transferring the wages to them protects the employer’s right and stops claims of unpaid wages by domestic workers.

The CEO affirmed to deal with official and licensed manpower offices, explaining that these official and licensed manpower offices were inspected four times a year and take from them a guaranteed amount of BD10,000 to reserve people’s rights.

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He concluded that in legal principles, the domestic worker does not differ from any other worker, working according to the principle of reward for effort and according to the constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


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