Bahrain: Concern over Asry plan to sack Bahrainis getting higher wages than expats

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ASRY plans to sack Bahrainis who are getting paid higher wages than expatriates, according to information leaked to parliament.

Despite Asry Trade Union earlier insisting that Bahrainis’ jobs are safe, MPs yesterday raised concerns, claiming that getting rid of Bahrainis was top priority at the shipyard.

The request to include the issue urgently was presented by 15 MPs and approved unanimously, with it now being set to the Cabinet for review.

Meanwhile, parliament also approved unanimously to raise the age of beneficiaries for the social housing programme Mazaya from 35 to 45 years.

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The current system sees those aged between 21 and 35 eligible for the programme, being carried out in partnership with commercial banks under their mortgage financing plan, in a shift from the conventional system that saw loans being given to people on the waiting list of the Eskan (Housing) Bank.

The ministry has already changed the income criteria, from BD600-BD1,200 to BD400-BD1,200 to enable more people to benefit.

The proposal submitted by 15 MPs will be also reviewed by the Cabinet.

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MPs also approved amendments to the 1986 Court Procedures Law that would see Sharia cases scrapped if not appealed by any involved party within two months instead of six months whenever a verdict is issued.

It has been referred to the Shura for review.

Source Credit: Gulf Daily News


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