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Bahrain: Contact Tracing Mechanism Of Janusan Village Clarified

The Ministry of Health highlighted that the contact tracing mechanism recently published on its website is used to track the locations of the contacts of active COVID-19 cases, in order to ensure health and safety of citizens and residents.

In response to a number of messages circulating on social media regarding Janusan village, the Ministry of Health clarified that the contact tracing mechanism is not confined to a certain village, rather it provides detailed information, including dates, times and locations of contacts of active COVID-19 cases to facilitate the Ministry’s role in ensuring the community is safe for all. The Ministry stressed that contact tracing is an internationally recommended method of safeguarding public health.

The Ministry emphasised the importance of visiting its website, www.moh.gov.bh, to review any additional details published on contact tracing, and for citizens and residents to ensure that they or their family members have not been in the same locations during the same date as contacts of active COVID-19 cases have been.

Age: 71
Nationality: Bahraini
Sex: Male
Travel History: NA  – He is a contact of two individuals that arrived from Iran in February 2020
Contact Tracing:
– Visited Almosawi Eye Center on 05-03-2020
– Attended a burial in Hoora Cemetery on 08-03-2020
– Attended condolences in North Jannusan Maatam on 09-03-2020
– Admitted to Salmaniya Medical Complex with pneumonia on 12-03-2020 and tested negative for COVID-19
– He was retested for COVID-19 on 15-03-2020 and tested positive

The Ministry calls on all individuals who have been in the same location to immediately contact 444 and follow the instructions provided.

The Ministry of Health urges all business owners to review and follow the guidelines published on the Ministry’s website explaining how to deal with suspected active COVID-19 cases at the workplace without the need to cause panic, or affect the workflow and services provided to citizens and residents.

The Ministry reiterated the importance of social distancing, avoiding gatherings of more than 20 people and staying at home as much as possible, going out only when necessary.


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