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Bahrain: Corrupt Public Officer Faces Imprisonment

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Public Prosecution investigated the incident of a Public officer at the Ministry of Works who asked for a bribe to perform his job, and confirmed that the officer requested an amount of two thousand dinars from the director of a private company to get an approval in exchange from the ministry that includes accepting the violation in the subject works.

The Public Prosecution received a report from the National Anti-Corruption Commission about one of the employees of the Ministry of Works, who specializes in supervising the electrical works of the projects undertaken by the Ministry requesting a financial sum from one of the contracting companies; in return of seeking to convince the concerned officials in the ministry to accept the work done by that company, despite all the violations against the standard specifications required by the Ministry from the contractor.

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Investigations at the Public Prosecutor’s Office have ended by submitting the accused to the criminal court for imprisonment for the felony of the bribery request for 10/12/2019 as the first hearing of his trial before the Supreme Criminal Court.


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