Bahrain Court Orders Mental Health Evaluation of Father Who Attempted To Kill Son With Chainsaw

The High Criminal Court has ordered a mental health examination for a man accused of attempting to kill his son with a chainsaw. The Court wants experts to determine if judges could hold the man responsible for his action.

The Court has adjourned the case to the 16th of this month. Case files say the suspect attempted to kill his son with a chainsaw claiming that the teenager was always high on drugs and unstable.

The mother had told the Court that the father and son were not on good terms and barely had eye contact.

“One day, the school called us and said they found our son smoking e-Cigarettes!” The mother said: “At that time, I managed to convince the school to do nothing more than a few days of suspension.

Recalling the horror, she said: “On that day, I was out to do some household chores, and my son was sleeping.

“However, when I was back, I was terrified to see my husband standing there, drenched in thick blood.

“The sight sent shivers down my spine as I rushed inside to check on my son. “And, I saw him fighting for his life, in his room, lying in a pool of blood.

“I immediately called for help and rushed him to the hospital. “Thank God the doctors managed to revive him.”

Later, the father surrendered before the cops and confessed to his crime.

During interrogation, when asked about the motive, the father told prosecutors: “He used to insult me regularly and went out of control on that day.”



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