Bahrain: Serial killer’s plea against death sentence

Serial killer's plea rejected
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A Bahraini man who has been sentenced to death for beating expat men to death using a hammer got his appeal rejected by the High Court of Appeals yesterday. This was announced by Chief Prosecutor Mohammed Jamal Sultan in a press statement issued by the Public Prosecution yesterday.

The man is accused of attacking four expat men, leaving two of them dead. The 25-year-old man told investigators that his crimes were driven by hatred that stemmed after being sacked from his job. The suspect began his crime saga by mugging an expat man in Karbabad before he drove his car into an expat in Manama.

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The suspect was arrested after the police launched a manhunt following the discovery of dead bodies of his victims, Indian nationals Sajat Ali and Mohammed Khan. The man was put on trial over murder and robbery charges.


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