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Bahrain: Court Warns Lawyers for Improper Case Study

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The First High Appeals Court chief has warned several lawyers who attended to submit their closing arguments after it turned out that they weren’t aware of the details of their clients’ cases. The lawyers received the files including all the details of the cases they were assigned to look after, but they fumbled when the court chief discussed their closing arguments with them. 

“All lawyers must be aware of all the details of the cases they handle before presenting their written closing arguments,” the chief advised the lawyers. “Closing arguments must be submitted in writing and verbally and lawyers must know everything about their cases,” he added. From their side, the lawyers stated that they were only deputized by their bosses to submit the closing arguments.  “You won’t be forgiven again if you repeat the same thing,” the chief responded. Meanwhile, a lawyer was fined BD100 for failing to attend to the courtroom and defend his client, although he requested for the hearing to be adjourned.


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