Bahrain: COVID-19 infections show downward trend

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During a press conference held today, it was revealed that Bahrain is recording a downward trend in new COVID-19 cases.

The percentage of people recovering from the total number of existing COVID-19 cases reached 97.84%, while the death rate was 0.39%.

The number of the existing cases under care reached 10 cases, and the cases whose health condition requires treatment reached 28 existing cases, while 1500 cases in stable condition out of the total number of existing cases which reached 1510 cases.

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Ministry officials stressed that although we are witnessing an improvement in the numbers, everyone must continue to ensure compliance with the precautionary measures and instructions issued by the national medical team.

Ministry officials also confirmed that once vaccines are approved by the National Authority for Health Professions and Services and international health organizations, Bahrain will be one of the first countries to provide the vaccine.



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