Bahrain: COVID-19 Precautionary Guidelines for Labour Camps Issued

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A circular has been issued by the Labour and Social Development Ministry, stressing the responsibility of employers to protect all workers and individuals present in the workplace from coronavirus risk.

According to the circular, employers at the labour camps are obligated to fulfill the following:

  • Reducing the number of workers present in the same room in the labour camp and increasing the area allocated to one worker to the maximum extent possible; so that social separation between workers is achieved by having safe distance between them by a minimum of 2 meters.
  • Sterilize workplaces by the health precautions approved by the Ministry of Health and the national campaign to combat the coronavirus.
  • Take the necessary measures by the employers to prohibit visits by their workers to the labour camp allocated to other workers belonging to other employers.
  • The employers who provide accommodations for their workers must allocate separate buildings that accommodate 10% of the workers as a minimum.
  • Increasing the number of toilets and sanitation facilities for workers at labour camps.
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