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Bahrain: Credit Card Forgery Racket – Expat Man Jailed

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The High Appeals Court has rejected the appeal filed by an expat convicted of forgery. The defendant was found guilty of counterfeiting credit cards alongside six other men, including two expats and four Bahrainis, as a result of which he was handed down five years behind bars.

The defendant was put on trial with the seven men who formed a racket for this purpose. It’s said that they managed to buy a valuable jewellery set worth BD3,600 from a gold shop using a fake credit card before they sold it for BD2,900 to another shop.

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The defendants were arrested after they attempted to do the same in another shop, whose owner noticed that they were behaving in a suspicious manner. “It wasn’t like we every day see someone come to buy pieces worth BD5,000 at one shot. So I reported them to police directly,” the owner told Prosecutors.


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