2019 – A Low Crime Year For Bahrain

Crimes reduced in Bahrain
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Officials stated Bahrain enjoyed a low crime year as crimes in general declined by 7.5 percent. Reportedly, crimes of theft decreased by 10 percent while drug crimes saw a decline of seven percent. This was revealed in the annual report of the Public Prosecution.

The annual report revealed a decrease in the number of complaints received by the Special Investigation Unit during the past year, by about 22 percent compared to 2018. The report stated that all crimes have decreased.

According to the report, it is the first time in several years that all crimes have reduced together. Based on a website that collects crime statistics, Manama was among the top 20 in the list of the safest cities in the world, Three hundred and thirty-eight cities were included in the list and each city was given a ‘safety index’.The safety index of Manama was 72, not too far from first placed index number 88 and markedly ahead of the last placed 15.

Two cities from the United Arab  Emirates were featured in the top twenty list with Abu Dhabi being crowned the safest city in the world and with Dubai not too far behind at 11th place with a safety index of 87. 


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