Bahrain: Customer Sparks Deadly Dispute Between Workers At Central Market

A worker at the Central Market in Bahrain has been arrested for attempted murder after a dispute with another worker escalated into a violent attack. The incident, which left the victim with a permanent disability, was allegedly sparked by a disagreement over a customer.

According to the victim, an Asian national, the altercation began when he and the suspect, a 44-year-old Asian man, argued over a customer while both were working at the market. The suspect then reportedly pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed the victim, causing serious injuries to his back, shoulder, arm, and face.

The victim managed to escape and seek help from passersby, who alerted authorities. The suspect fled the scene but was later apprehended by police.

During questioning, the suspect admitted to stabbing the victim but claimed he was acting in self-defense, stating that the victim had initially attacked him. However, medical reports confirmed that the victim suffered multiple stab wounds and sustained a 10% permanent disability as a result of the attack.

The Public Prosecution has presented evidence including witness testimonies, medical reports, and the suspect’s confession, supporting the charge of attempted murder. The prosecution has expressed its strong condemnation of the act, calling it “alien to Bahraini society,” and has requested the court to impose the maximum penalty.

The court has scheduled a hearing for July 9th to further consider the case. The suspect remains in custody.


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