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Bahrain: Customs Official Sentenced to Five Years in Jail

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Chief Prosecutor Mohamed Jamal Sultan, stated that the Fourth Grand Criminal Court issued its ruling against a public official in the Customs Affairs intending to obtain a profit from others, as it sentenced him and the other convicted party for five years imprisonment and fined each 14,250 dinars.

The details of the incident go back to when the Public Prosecution received a notification from the Customs Affairs stating that the first defendant, at the request of the second defendant, disclosed a shipment of electronic vapes in favor of the latter, in violation of the applicable rules and procedures and without paying the estimated customs value of the goods that amounted 14,250 dinars, in a way that ruled out the collection process for the Customs Affairs for an amount that he agreed with the second defendant to illegally get in return.

The Public Prosecution began its investigations and listened to the testimony of witnesses, and interrogated the defendants before referring them to the court that ruled to convict them and punish them for what was attributed to them.


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