Bahrain: Death Penalty For ‘Serial Killer’ Who Hate Expats

The two are members of Al Wafa mainstream, a group designated as a terrorist organisation.
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A Bahraini man, who committed two gruesome murders last year was sentenced to death by the First High Criminal Court yesterday.

The man killed two Asian men after beating them to death using a hammer and stole BD41 from them. He also attempted to kill a third victim by running him over, but the man escaped the attack.

The court also sentenced the defendant to five years imprisonment for armed robbery and six months for possessing a steel axe.

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The verdict comes after a medical examination proved that the killer was in his full senses when he committed the heinous crimes. He also confessed to interrogators that the motive behind his crime was to steal money from the victims. The man said he targeted low-income Asian expats as “no one would care for their death”.

Furthermore, he told investigators earlier that his crimes were driven by a hatred that stemmed from being sacked from his job.

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“In my last job, I was drawing a salary of BD300 monthly, but I was fired three months after joining,” the defendant told prosecutors. “This caused me to hate expatriates because they were still working, while I was fired. I then decided to kill as many of them as I could,” he added.

The defendant began his crimes by mugging an Asian man in Karbabad before he rammed his car into an Asian man in Manama, pinning him between two vehicles.


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