Bahrain: Death Sentence Upheld For Expat Suitcase Murderers

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The death sentences of two men, convicted of murdering a Bangladeshi national following a dispute over BD50, were upheld yesterday by the Cassation Court. The convicts have now exhausted all legal steps to avoid being executed.

The badly decomposed body of Bangladeshi national Haris Kanu Miah was found buried under cement and rocks at the under-construction Al Louzy Housing Project in Hamad Town on August 3, 2014.

Mr Miah was reported missing on June 16, 2014, and an investigation was launched into his disappearance which led to the arrest of two convicts; a 29-year-old labourer and a 26-year-old cleaner.

The duo told prosecutors that Mr Miah had been sharing a room with them for three months and owed them BD50.

A forensic report showed that the victim was tied up and gagged with cloth and duct tape before being beaten to death.

The defendants didn’t just kill the victim but also stole his mobile phone and wallet before stuffing his body in a suitcase and burying it on June 14, 2014, according to prosecutors.

The body was discovered after a passer-by noticed a foul smell.

A 35-year-old Indian pick-up driver told prosecutors earlier that he had given the convicts a lift on the day of the incident. “They stopped me in Manama and asked me to drop them in Demistan,” he said in his statement to prosecutors.

“I gave them a lift and I noticed they had a suitcase, which was tied with a yellow rope covered with duct tape and cloth.

“I later identified them at a police station and the suitcase they had in their possession.” The convicts were sentenced to death and an appeals court upheld the sentence.

But, the Cassation Court, Bahrain’s highest court, ordered a re-hearing of their appeals at a different appeals court, which yesterday upheld their death sentences.


Source Credit: DT News


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