Bahrain: Doctor To Pay BD19,000 For Stealing Medicines

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A Bahraini medical doctor was ordered to pay BD19,000 for medicines she had stolen from a public pharmacy by the High Appeals Court.

This came after the Public Prosecution appealed the High Criminal Court’s ruling which held her guilty and sentenced her to one year behind bars, but without ordering her to settle the value of the medicines she stole.

According to court files, the defendant, aged 44, was convicted of prescribing medicines from a public pharmacy in bad faith.

She was earlier sentenced to one year in prison, but her punishment was replaced with social service.

The 44-year-old doctor was put on trial after a pharmacist serving at a public pharmacy accused her of misconduct. The doctor was referred to the Public Prosecution after a commission of inquiry probed into her case, and confirmed the wrongdoing.

The defendant was allegedly selling these medicines at her private clinic.


Source Credit: DT News


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