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Bahrain: Doctor Sentenced To 3-Years Jail For Selling Drugs

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A 57-year-old Bahraini doctor was sentenced to three years in prison by the Higher Criminal Court for selling drugs to his addicted patients. The court ordered a fine of BD3000 to the doctor who admitted that increasing his financial income was his main and only goal of selling drugs to his patients at high prices.

According to the court’s documents, investigations by a trusted secret source confirmed that the convicted doctor sold psychotropic substances at his private clinic located in Riffa. On the 2nd of October, the secret sources, who spoke with the accused through social media, asked the doctor to buy mental stimuli for BD360.

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The doctor asked the source to come to his clinic to receive the drugs and pay. The doctor was immediately arrested in the payment and receiving process.

A number of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances were found in his clinic, Moreover, huge amounts of money, from various currencies, were found in the doctor’s house. They are believed to be the proceeds of the sale of narcotic substances.

In the investigation, the doctor confessed that he was selling psychotropic substances to his patients, in amounts higher than the basic price, and that his purpose was to obtain profit only. He confirmed that he had been selling drugs to drug addicts about a year before his arrest.

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Source: Albilad


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