Bahrain: Domestic Workers Urged to Practice Social Distancing

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Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society (BHRWS) has urged domestic workers to practice social distancing and maintain their personal hygiene as they are not only at risk of infecting themselves, but also the families they are working for.

BHRWS general secretary Faisal Fulad said there are about 80,000 domestic workers in Bahrain. “Domestic workers have regular physical contact with their employers or they take care of their employer’s children, the elderly or those with illnesses or special needs. They are all vulnerable to this pandemic.”

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As concern over COVID-19 continues to increase, precautions are being stressed for everyone’s health and safety at home.

“We encourage employers and domestic workers to discuss additional precautions to be taken such as monitoring the health of those under care closely and highlighting immediately any symptoms while conducting regular temperature screening for those under their care.” he said.

Fulad also stressed the need for cooperation from employers to encourage their domestic workers to not gather in public areas should they be out, and to maintain open communication with each other.

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