Bahrain: Drug Bust Nets Half A Million Dinars Worth Of Narcotics, Four Suspects Arrested

The Anti-Narcotics Department of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Forensic Evidence has successfully seized a large quantity of narcotics, valued at approximately half a million dinars, and arrested four individuals suspected of smuggling and trafficking the drugs.

The seized drugs included approximately 84 kilograms of various narcotics and 18,500 narcotic pills.

The department revealed that upon receiving intelligence regarding the suspects, a specialised security team was formed to investigate and track their activities. The investigation led to the identification of the network’s members and the locations where they were hiding the narcotics. The suspects were apprehended in the act of trafficking the drugs and a large sum of money in various currencies, believed to be proceeds from their illegal activities, was seized from their possession.

The General Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Forensic Evidence has confiscated the seized items and initiated the necessary legal procedures to refer the case to the Public Prosecution. This successful operation highlights the ongoing commitment of the Bahraini authorities to combat drug trafficking and protect the community from the harmful effects of narcotics.


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