Bahrain: Duo Involved In Supermarket Robbery Spree Sentenced To Three Years

The two are members of Al Wafa mainstream, a group designated as a terrorist organisation.
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A GCC national and a Bahraini man, who were involved in supermarket robbery spree have been sentenced to three years behind bars each. The duo have robbed several supermarkets, all of which occurred at dawn, according to prosecutors.

They were arrested and subsequently put on trial, the prosecutors added. Each heist is being heard separately and the pair will face further prison terms if convicted in other cases.

They were first tried for breaking into a supermarket in Souq Waqef and stealing BD400 from the cash register.  “The pair approached me and asked whether we had a coffee machine. As I was answering him, his friend entered the supermarket wearing a mask,” the Asian cashier, who was in the supermarket when robbery took place, told prosecutors.

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“They threatened they would kill me if I resist their robbery bid. There was BD400 and I gave it to them,” he added. It’s said that the pair have also stolen cigarettes and prepaid cards before fleeing the scene. Robbery cases reported across the region in recent times have gone up, according to sources.


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