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Bahrain: Effective tackling of virus – Here’s the story!

It was on 21 February 2020, Bahrain confirmed its first COVID-19 case which happened to be a school bus driver who came from Iran via Dubai. 

Since the first case tested positive in Bahrain, the Ministry of Health has left no stones unturned in this combat against the deadly Coronavirus which has been taking lives of thousands worldwide. Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo Community Medical Center was already equipped to be the isolation centre even before the first case was reported.

No case of Coronavirus has been reported within the local community until now and all the positive cases were people who came from Covid-19 infected countries. All positive cases are quarantined and taken care of while the ones tested negative in spite of travelling to infected countries or who have come in contact with infected individuals are house quarantined.

Until today, 8759 cases have been tested, out of which 8600 were negative. Amongst the positive cases, 30 have already recovered and 115 discharged after they were tested negative. This evidently shows the continuous efforts of the Ministry of Health in line with WHO guidelines to protect the public from this deadly virus.

Furthermore, the government’s ‘International Covid-19 Repatriation Programme’ (ICRP) aims to safely repatriate citizens from Iran following the suspension of air travel between the two countries. The first phase of the ICRP was completed and included the repatriation of 165 individuals from Iran, 77 of whom are confirmed to have tested positive for Covid-19. The ICRP-confirmed cases will now be processed accordingly.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has also commended Bahrain’s precautionary measures to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect public health. It praised Bahrain’s timely response and effective preparedness to tackle the novel Coronavirus.




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