Bahrain elevates to highest generation ranking in regulatory environments

The Kingdom of Bahrain escalates up the regulatory ladder to the highest generation of ICT regulation, fostering affordability in ICT services.

According to the latest 2020 ICT Pricing Trends Report of Measuring Digital Development issued by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Bahrain elevates to the highest ranking from Third to Fourth generation.

The report verifies the variety of influences impacting the pricing levels for ICT services in a region; however, one governing influence on overall affordability is the resilience of a regulatory environment.

Bahrain amongst Arab countries, is ranked 2nd for pricing in regards to mobile broadband services, as it maintains affordable fixed broadband rates yet a large-scale data capacity. In addition, Bahrain’s mobile broadband prices account for 1.51% of GNI p.c., whereas fixed broadband prices account for 1.82% of GNI p.c, which is below the UN affordability target, therefor allowing Bahrain to meet and outperform the Sustainable Development Goal target before 2025, holding prices below two percent of GNI per capita.


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