Bahrain: Employer Faces Court For Forging Expat’s Signature

The number of court sessions are reduced as a precautionary measure.
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A Bahraini Employer faces court as he obtained electricity and water connection under his Pakistani’s employee’s name without obtaining the latter’s consent.

The case was referred to the court when the expat found that he was obliged to pay BD 900 to settle outstanding EWA bills.

Court documents revealed that the incident took place in the Northern Governorate where the employer with the assistance of an unknown individual forged the expat’s signature and identity to obtain power and water connection for a commercial shop.

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The expat had worked with the defendant from 2011 to 2013 and he had left the job because of payment issues. The crime came to light when the expat approached the authority to apply for a power connection. The court has adjourned the case to July 2.


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