Bahrain ends 1 year validity for prepaid mobile phone lines – now just 100 days

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 Telecom companies in Bahrain are no longer allowed to provide year long validity for prepaid mobile phone lines. This follows new regulations just announced by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

The new regulations state that telecom companies can now only provide a maximum one hundred days validity for prepaid lines. Until now ‘Mobile credit transfer’ service has been provided at mobile shops and cold stores throughout the kingdom which helped customers extend their telephone line validity for a year by paying, typically, just BD2.

When contacted, telecom service providers confirmed that the maximum validity provided during refilling credit has been cut short to hundred days. “From Tuesday onwards, the maximum validity you can receive with a recharge is hundred days, because regulations from TRA has changed,” a customer care representative from Batelco told DT News. “You can receive a validity for 100 days by refilling for BD30 but this is the maximum validity you can receive, “ a Viva representative said. A Zain representative also confirmed the same.

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