Bahrain: ‘Ensure The Accuracy Of EWA Meters To Avoid Billing Errors’

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A lawmaker has urged the Electricity and Water Affairs (EWA) Minister to ensure the accuracy of EWA meters following complaints from the part of citizens and residents.

During the House of Representatives session, MP Isa Al Dosari said meters provided by the EWA should be subjected to technical tests before being installed. His questions were addressed to EWA Minister.

“When will the new meters will be completely installed? And what would be its additional costs on the citizens?” the lawmaker asked the minister.

Absurdly high water and electricity bills had been received by many citizens and residents a few months ago, owing to a technical glitch. Some residents have received preposterously high bills, much to their surprise, sources said.

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It is learnt that the errors were caused by water meter readers following the digital updation process.

Speaking to Tribune, a citizen, who doesn’t want to be identified, said his electricity bill was in the normal range while the water bill was absurdly high.

“The water bill was extremely high and I contacted the authorities regarding this. I was told that the issue arose due to a technical glitch, which will be rectified soon. The bill I received was for my office. Later, I would find that all the offices in the building received similar amounts in water bills,” he said.

“I found out that the issue was due to a glitch in the water meter reader. Apparently, it counted the units, not in a linear manner, rather in a haphazard way. This led to a massive uptick in the water bill. My electricity bill was in the normal range.” “I contacted the authorities and they are investigating the issue,” he added.

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Another Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) customer said that he received a high bill despite being outside the country. “I was not at all at home during that month and in spite of this I received a huge bill. I can’t believe this as I am someone who keeps control on the use of electricity and water,” the customer said.


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