Bahrain: EWA to allow payments in installments

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According to the sources from the Electricity and Water Authority, a new set of instructions are to be issued for the payments on an instalment basis over a period of 10 years. People are automatically eligible to apply for the option of instalments if their salary does not exceed 500 BD.

The sources pointed out that these measures come within the framework of overcoming the difficulties of citizens and opening the way to settle their situation in a convenient manner.

According to the sources, the settlements with defaulters and power cuts are dealt with objectively and impartially on all residential, non-residential, personal and legal accounts in all regions and governorates, indicating that it takes into account the situation of poor and low-income families and people with special needs.

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Electricity and Water Authority data showed that the total revenues amounted to 362.4 million dinars during the previous year, bringing a rise in revenues by 116%.

Statistical data issued by the Electricity and Water Authority showed 277.6 million dinars of electricity service bills, while the total collected from the water service 41 million dinars.

According to recent statistics, revenues from electricity bills collection increased by 110% in 2017 compared to total revenues in 2013, ie before the implementation of the policy of redirecting subsidies for electricity and water.

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Source Credit: DT News


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