Bahrain: EWA To Install Smart Water Meters By 2020

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A project to install smart meters on remote water consumption is on track, said senior EWA officials. The Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) has so far installed over 102,500 smart meters out of 238, 302 devices, which represents 43 percent (43%).

Of these, over 40,000 allows wireless water meter reading through the Automatic meter reading (AMR) hi-tech system, replacing the outdated mechanical meters.

The replacement of mechanical meters with hi-tech smart ones has already been completed in the Governorate of Muharraq. In the Southern Governorate, 87% of the mechanical meters have already been replaced with plans to complete the project late this year (2019). EWA is planning to replace the current water meters with smart ones country-wide by late 2020.

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