Bahrain: Ex-Food Truck Employee Ordered To Repay Funds

The Cassation Court has upheld a ruling ordering a former employee of a popular food truck to repay over BD10,000, the amount she embezzled from the business.

The 23-year-old employee, who was initially sentenced to six months in prison by the lower court, was also ordered to pay BD10,120.10 to the food truck owner.

The court allowed her to substitute the prison sentence with community service for an equivalent duration and set bail at BD50 for the suspension of the sentence.

The civil claim was referred to the competent civil court without costs. The Public Prosecution accused the employee of embezzling cash belonging to the food truck during June 2023.

The employee, who was responsible for collecting payments, allegedly collected money from several businesses, totaling BD2,837.650, BD3,792.260, BD1,220.800, and BD2,269.300.

However, instead of depositing these funds, she allegedly embezzled them and gave a portion to a second defendant, who was later acquitted by the lower court.

Guilty The court found the employee guilty of embezzlement, stating that the evidence presented clearly indicated her actions.

The court, however, acquitted the second defendant, finding insufficient evidence to support the charges against him.

The court noted that the prosecution relied solely on the testimony of the first defendant, which was considered unreliable and lacked supporting evidence.


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