Bahrain: Expat Arrested For Attacking Man With Iron Rod In Riffa

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An Expat was arrested over an attack with an iron bar on a motorist, after a video of the incident went viral on social media platforms. Interior Ministry, quoting officials from the southern governorate, confirmed the incident and stated that the man was arrested from the southern governorate.

“An Asian man who was seen in a frantic state has been arrested,” a ministry statement said adding: “He attacked a minibus, driven by another Asian man, in Riffa and managed to broke the vehicle’s windows.”

The man, according to sources, was wielding an iron bar which he used as a weapon to attack others. The man, a south Asian by nationality, was yelling at another man who was apparently his compatriot and was driving a van.

“He was yelling at the other man in Urdu or Hindi and was behaving frantically,” a source told Tribune. “Suddenly, he started hitting the van with the metal rod he was holding.” The source said the man also broke the windows of the van with the rod. However, no injuries were reported.



Source Credit: DT News



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