Bahrain: Expat caught selling fake jewellery walks free

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An Asian salesman who sold fake jewellery to a customer convincing him that the product belonged to a renowned brand, was acquitted by the High Appeals Court citing lack of proof.

The defendant was earlier held guilty by the High Criminal Court which fined him BD500. The initial ruling was cancelled by the High Appeals Court in the process.

The defendant was working as a salesman for a local company which was caught selling fake jewellery and was charged with collaborating in crime. However, his lawyer Ibtisam Al Sabagh argued before the court that her client wasn’t aware that the products weren’t genuine, stating that he was a mere salesman in the company. “My client maintained his innocence since the moment he was questioned and there is no proof that can hold him guilty.”

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The High Appeals Court agreed with the lawyer’s argument, confirming that there weren’t sufficient pieces of evidence to convict the defendant. The case was filed against the defendant on May 8, 2013, almost five years ago.

Source Credit: DT News


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