Bahrain: Expat Caught with 3000 Narcotic Pills

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An expat man justified having 3,000 narcotic pills in his possession by claiming that he needed them to cure his headache, the High Criminal Court heard.

“I only bought the pills to relieve my pain,” the defendant told Prosecutors.

The expat was arrested at Bahrain International Airport by customs officials. He was referred to the Public Prosecution and was charged with attempting to smuggle the pills into Bahrain with the intention to sell them.

The customs official who initially doubted him told Prosecutors that the defendant’s behaviour was suspicious and which is why they decided to extensively search him as well as his luggage. The pills were hidden along with several items in his luggage. 

“I thought the pills would cure my headache. This is why I bought them for BD500,” the man revealed.

Further investigations uncovered that he was aiming to sell the pills inside Bahrain. The defendant is being tried before the High Criminal Court which adjourned the case until January 17, 2020, to issue its verdict.


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