Bahrain: Expat Duo Jailed For Human Trafficking

The First High Criminal Court sentenced a man and a woman to three years’ imprisonment and fined them BD2,000 each for human trafficking, after forcing two women into the flesh trade. According to the victims’ statement in court, they applied for jobs in Bahrain from their home country but once they reached here, they were detained by the female defendant, who also confiscated their passports.

They further told prosecutors that the female defendant informed them that they would be working as prostitutes, but when they refused, the woman, with the help of the accomplice, threatened to inform their families about their work in the vice trade and that they would be jailed here for nine years.

The victims  said they agreed and the male defendant took them to an apartment where they would have sexual intercourse with different customers for money, which the male defendant collected. They added that they were forced to do so until they escaped the apartment and reported the matter to the police.

In addition to the fine and prison sentence, they were both ordered to bear the expenses of the victims’ repatriation and were also blacklisted from re-entering the Kingdom after they finish serving their jail terms.


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