Bahrain: Expat Employee Accused Of Stealing BHD 44,000/-

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Attorney Zainab Sabat said that the third major criminal court in its appeal, found an expat employee working in a Bahrain based private company specializing in the sale of electrical appliances not guilty of embezzling nearly 44,000 Bahraini Dinars from the company.

The company filed a complaint against him accusing him of embezzling the company’s money by selling goods without invoicing the deals. Several documents were attached supporting his accusation, and the total sum of the embezzled amount accounts to BHD 43,800/-

The Public Prosecution ordered that the client to be referred to the High couPreview (opens in a new window)rt after he was accused in 2018 with embezzling the amounts shown in the documents in his possession due to his job nature.

Further to the proceedings, the court found that the father of the defendant, who works as a branch manager at the same company, was made to sign debt bonds for several amounts and upon the refusal of repayment of debts the company filed an urgent action against him which prevented him from traveling abroad.

The company threatened the expat employee’s father of convicting his son due to failure in settlement of dues, hence they accused him of embezzling an amount that equals his father’s debt.

During the trial, the lawyer asked to refer the case to an accounting expert, to verify the allegations imposed by the company.

The court did not take into account the testimonies of employees working in the company and stated it is not reasonable to witness anything contrary to the owner’s testimony.

The case ended up acquitting the defendant innocent of the accusation, as the court found no obvious evidence provided in the conviction by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Source: Albilad News




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