Bahrain: Expat Jailed For Using Forged Credit Cards

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A five-year jail sentence handed down to an expat convicted of credit card fraud and forgery was upheld by the High Criminal Appeals Court.

The defendant purchased four mobile phones worth BD520 using a forged credit card. He landed in the police net after the competent authorities were notified about the incident, according to prosecutors.

However, the Asian man told prosecutors that the cards were given to him by a friend who advised him against carrying cash while travelling abroad.

“I work as a manager at a local construction company. Before I came to Bahrain to visit some friends, I had 65,000 Indian rupees (BD333) and I tried to exchange them into Bahraini dinars.

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“However, an exchange shop owner recommended I exchange the cash with three credit cards because Bahrain doesn’t allow foreigners to carry more than BD500 when they enter the country through the airport,” the defendant told prosecutors.

When asked about why he decided to use the cards to purchase mobile phones, the defendant revealed: “I wanted to gift them to family members. I didn’t know that I used forged cards to purchase them.”

Prosecutors encountered him with the fact that the exchange value of 65,000 Indian rupees was much lesser than BD500 and hence there wasn’t any problem to exchange them and enter Bahrain. The defendant also went on contradicting his statements during different stages of interrogation, according to prosecutors.

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The High Criminal Court sentenced him to five years behind bars, which he challenged before the High Appeals Court. The appeal was rejected and the defendant will be deported once he completes his jail term.

Source: DT News

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