Bahrain: Expat Labourer Jailed For Murdering Another Expat

eleven bahrainis arrested
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A 38-year old expat construction labourer was sentenced to 10 years for murdering another expat labourer by the High Criminal Court.

According to court details, the victim was stabbed to death following a dispute with the accused. The accused had not pleaded guilty in the court. Public Prosecutors said that both the accused and the victim were in an inebriated state when the crime happened. Both the accused and the victim were construction labourers.

“Both were having a drinking session and suddenly there was a dispute.

“The victim slapped the accused in his face, infuriating him.

“In a fit of rage, the accused took a knife and stabbed the victim, leading to serious injuries,” the Prosecutors added. The police arrested the accused next day morning.

A witness, who was living in the same accommodation facility, which housed the accused and the victim, testified before the court. He said he woke up after hearing a loud cry and saw the victim lying in a pool of his blood.

According to the medical report, the victim died of a severe injury caused to his lungs in the attack.

Source Credit: DT News


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