Bahrain expat sentenced to life for murder

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An exptriate has been sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his sponsor’s brother in Aali last year. The First Higher Criminal Court issued its verdict on Thursday and ordered to deport the accused after his sentence is completed (25 years).

The 38-year-old Bangladeshi national, who worked as a carpenter at a local decor shop in Aali, stabbed his sponsor’s brother Ali Al Samaheeji in front of the shop using a sharp carpentry tool last November.

The incident happened less than one month after the carpenter reached Bahrain. He was apparently refusing to work and demanded he to be allowed to travel back to Bangladesh. The “depressed” man attacked the sponsor and his brother, leaving the latter in a puddle of blood. The victim was stabbed in different parts of his body, including the back and abdomen, and was announced dead on the spot by paramedics.

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Source Credit: DT News
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