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Bahrain: Expat Woman Caught Selling Fake Sports Garments

The Second Lower Criminal Court recently fined an expat woman BD500 for selling fake sports garments and ordered to confiscate the goods. The case was filed by the agent company of the international trademark in Bahrain.

According to the plaintiff ’s attorney Hanan Mamdouh, the trademark is registered with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism under the company’s name.

The lawyer explained that the defendant imported the counterfeited sportswear and gear, and sold it in Bahrain, adding that trademark counterfeiting is a crime and the perpetrator is criminally and civilly punished, clarifying that the crime includes the intention of harming the trademark owner by cheating the public and forging the trademark owned by another person.

Quoting Article 2 in Law 11 of 2006 with respect to trademarks, Ms. Mamdouh added: “A trademark is any visually perceptible sign, name, word, signature, letter, number, address, seal, drawing, pronunciation, odour, picture, inscription, symbol, packaging, photographic element, figure, one colour or more, or a combination thereof, or sign or a group of signs that are used or intended for use to distinguish products or services resulting from the products or services of other facilities, or to indicate, or to render a service or to distinguish any products or services in terms of origin, structure elements, manufacturing method, quality, identity or any other characteristic.”



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