Bahrain: Expat Woman Jailed For Walking Nude In Public

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A European woman was sentenced to two years in jail for walking nude on road under the influence of drugs last November by the First High Criminal Court.

The quadragenarian, who was allegedly high on Hashish, Methamphetamine and MDMA, was also charged with assaulting an on-duty policeman.

She was fined BD150, while her boyfriend was ordered to spend one year behind bars and pay BD1, 000 in fine for consuming drugs.

The details of the case date back to last November when the woman was seen walking naked on one of the busiest highways in the Kingdom; Shaikh Salman Highway near Tubli.

A policeman and a bystander approached the woman in an attempt to convince her to move out of the highway, where she walked in the middle lane causing a traffic jam and forming a threat to the safety of herself and others.

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According to the testimonies of the victims and eyewitnesses, the defendant punched, kicked and spat on the victims while attempting to escape from them. However, she was later arrested.

Additionally, the footage of the woman went viral online as she walked aimlessly on the highway with no clothes on, making headlines across the world.

In the interrogation, the defendant’s boyfriend said she worked as a manager at one of the resorts in the Kingdom.

He told the prosecutors that they had both consumed alcohol and Hashish on that night in the camping area in Sakhir.

The man claimed that the woman showed “strange signs” when they got back home and that she spoke in a language he couldn’t understand, adding that he believed that “she was possessed”.

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He also told that she walked out of the house unclothed and that she was hysterical.

The man added that he, somehow, convinced her to get inside the car with him and calmed her down, but she suddenly jumped out of the window onto the highway.

The Public Prosecution earlier charged the woman of assaulting an on-duty policeman and a civilian, causing the injuries mentioned in the coroner’s report, in addition to verbally assaulting them.

She was also charged with committing immoral acts, and possessing and consuming drugs. Her boyfriend was also charged with possessing and consuming drugs.

Source: DT News


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