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Bahrain: Expat Women Caught Selling Drugs

The First High Criminal Court has acquitted two expat women of the charges of selling drugs after they led the cops to their drug dealer; their female apartment mate of same nationality. The court, however, sentenced both to six months imprisonment and fined them BD100 each.

According to court files, the investigations of the Anti-Narcotics Squad led to the defendants, who were selling methamphetamine in Juffair area. An ambush, with the help of a police informer, has been set to catch both women red-handed while selling the substance.

The informer communicated with one of the women, requesting to buy methamphetamine, which is commonly known as ‘Shabu’, worth BD400. The woman then asked him to rent an apartment in Juffair, promising that she will come along with the second defendant to deliver the drugs to him. Police provided the informer with the amount, which was previously copied so it could be used as an evidence of conviction when it is found in the defendants’ possession. Policewomen were also waiting in the apartment to arrest both defendants when they deliver the drugs to the informer.

After the deal was done, the women were arrested and four bags of Shabu and the copied amount were found in their possession. After being interrogated at the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science, the defendants agreed to lead the police to their flat mate, who they told was their source of the drugs.

A force of policewomen then raided the flat, where the third defendant was found in an “abnormal condition”. A bag of Shabu, a delicate scale and a bong (tool used to abuse drugs) were found in her possession.

At the Public Prosecution, the three women were accused of selling and consuming drugs. But the court acquitted the two defendants from the charge of selling and only sentenced them for consuming drugs. The acquittal came as both defendants co-operated with the police and led to the source of the drugs. As for the third woman, the dealer, the court sentenced her to five years imprisonment and fined her BD3,000. The three defendants were also sentenced to deportation and were blacklisted from entering the Kingdom ever again.



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