Bahrain: Expat Workers In Most Appropriate Environment

“Bahrain is providing the most appropriate environment for expatriate workers in this exceptional circumstance.”

This was announced by the National Institute for Human Rights (NIHR) on its official website and social media accounts. The statement came after the direct follow-up by NIHR to the measures taken by Bahrain’s government since the outbreak of VOVID-19.

NIHR commended the humanitarian dealings with all residents which, it added, was part of the culture and ethics of Bahraini society based on tolerance and cooperation.

NIHR contacted some of the expatriate workers and learned about their living conditions, whether in the isolation and treatment center or the precautionary quarantine center, and it ensured the safety, hygiene and health care provided to them according to the established standards, in addition to providing adequate water and food, where diversity was taken into account In the food provided.


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