Bahrain: Apartment Looted While Tenant Was Away On Vacation

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An apartment in Zinj was burgled allegedly by a group of thieves while the tenants were out of the country on a vacation. Sources said thugs would have broken open the apartment late Friday evening.

They said cash around BD250 and other items were stolen. The apartment is located near the New Millennium School.

The burglary victim’s brother Shiva Kannan said the door locks were broken by the thugs.

“Police have begun probe into the incident. We still don’t know as to how many were there? They made a thorough search, broke open cupboards, clothes were lying scattered on the floor. “There was some jewellery in the apartment. But luckily, the burglars failed to find them. They made off with BD250 cash.


“It was the neighbours who informed me about the burglary. It looks like a well-planned one.” Mr Kannan said the building doesn’t have CCTV cameras or other surveillance system, which would make the job difficult for cops to track down the suspects.

“The building has only one main entrance while there are two safety exists. My sister-inlaw’s metal anklet was found near one of the safety exists. The burglars must have thrown it away after realising it doesn’t have much value.”

Mr Kannan said some of the neighbours recalled hearing some door-breaking sounds but were afraid of coming out.

Source Credit: DT News


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