Bahrain: Expats running garages exploit customers

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In the absence of proper regulations and laws governing the car repair business, many customers feel that they are being exploited very badly. Sources say expat gangs control “garage business” in the Kingdom and they loot their customers to earn millions of dinars every year in profits, according to Daily Tribune.

Sources said many garages run by expats were generating thousands of dinars in monthly profits as they “easily exploit their customers” when it comes to rates for different services.

“Most often citizens are the victims. For a repair costing BD10, they charge BD50 and we are forced to negotiate.”

“It is very difficult for a Bahraini to enter this sector. You will see monopoly everywhere,”

A man who runs garages in Muharraq and Arad said the customers should enquire rates at different garages before selecting one, which is the only way to avoid getting cheated.

“Always ask car mechanics to show bills if he purchases any spare parts for your car. Customers need to exercise alertness while dealing with these garage guys because cheating is a very common thing,”.


Source Credit: DT News


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