Bahrain: Fake Doctor Jailed For Cheating Bank

Arrested for smuggling drugs.
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A fake doctor who deceived a bank to obtain loans for a car purchase was handed down 10 years of imprisonment by the First High Criminal Court.

According to court details, the accused, an Arab national, teamed up with another man (the second accused) to forge papers showing that he was a doctor and was employed by a leading hospital in the Kingdom.

The accused approached the bank’s manager and requested him for a loan to buy a Land Cruiser. “He said he was working as a doctor with a leading hospital at a salary of BD3,000 a month. He also produced ‘all relevant papers to obtain the loans’.”

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The man successfully deceived the bank staff and bought a Land Cruiser, which he drove to Jordan and sold there with the help of the second accused. A few months after issuing the loans, the bank staff realized that they were cheated as the hospital confirmed that it has never employed the accused.


Source Credit: DT News


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