Bahrain: Farmer fined for setting building on fire while burning rubbish

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Bahraini farmer has been left with a bill for BD10,500 after he pleaded guilty to carelessly burning garden waste in open and setting fire to a nearby building.

The farmer’s negligence, the High Civilian Court said, resulted in an outbreak of blazes which stretched to the nearbybuilding, which housed a carpentry shop and a wood store.

The building and the units were completely destroyed in the raging fire, causing heavy monetary losses to the shop owners, who rented the space on a 15-year contract.

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“Both shops ceased functioning because of the heavy damages sustained,” the plaintiff’s lawyer Zahra Al Jiser told prosecutors. The lawyer argued that it was the farm owner’s negligence that caused the fire and that he could have done that in a safer and controlled manner if wanted.

Expert technical evaluators found that the plaintiff suffered losses to the tune of BD9150. The plaintiff demanded a compensation of BD10,500, BD500 to pay the attorney’s fees and BD832 to settle the technical expert’s bill.

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The Court ordered the farm owner to pay all the fees and expenses associated with this case.


Source Credit: DT News


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